Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mini update...

We went to Japan last month. We played 4 shows. One of them was a fest called "Pump Up the Volume". It was our first time in Japan and we were co-headlining this one show with Shai Hulud. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous and didn't know what to expect even though the first 2 shows were amazing. We had the best time and everybody there was just as psyched as we were for us to be there. We started our set and it was super fun and energetic from beginning to end.

This is a video of a part of that set in Kawasaki. I watch it a lot but my favorite part is at 2:50 of the video. This kid climbs up on stage and rocks the fuck out with me. He gave no fucks and air guitar'd and sang along with me. I loved it as you can see by my facial expression shortly after. If you can't have fun and get wild doing your own thing then what the fuck's the point? Cheers to that kid and everyone else that saw us in Japan.

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Nome said...

dude that guy in the video cracked me up so hard.