Thursday, March 12, 2009

Death Before Dishonor guitar tracks - Day 2

So I'm a little late reporting back on my 2nd day of guitars. This entry will probably be a little shorter and I didn't snap many pictures. Frankie and I went to Wendy's again before we went to Jim's. I got a decent meal for $5. Can't beat it. I was full. We head on over to Jim's and get right to work. I think I blew through 2 songs pretty quickly. Next up, I tried to pick a song that seemed pretty easy. Boy was I wrong. Any part where I start with just guitar has been a pain. I just gotta get the timing right. Frankie suggested that he play the part when he did his tracks and I could play the other one. I debated it for a split second but decided I wanted to get it right because I know later on down the road it would get to me that I couldn't play that one part.

We get through that song and blow through a few more. I think we had 8 songs done by 3:30pm. By this time, my fingers are starting to hurt from playing so much. My strings are starting to deaden. Now it was back to Wendy's to get lunch. Got the same meal for $5. 2 Double Stacks, 5-piece nugget and a small drink. Frankie got the same and I spot him on it. He's been picking me up and dropping me off so I owe him.

We get back to the studio and I get through the next song. There's one part in it that's annoying to play and I couldn't play it right. After a while, I managed to play it right once and I won't lie, we cut and pasted that shit anytime it comes back in the song, haha. Finally we got that song out of the way and we had one left. The cover. Jim actually recorded this song way back when and I got through it pretty quickly. Finally we were done and my guitars were done for the day. I was relieved. Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of recording. I am really happy with the way things came together and the way they're sounding. I'm anxious to get it out to people. It's different from the normal DBD that you're used to but it's still got that DBD flavor. I can't explain it. Right now it's only 1 guitar, drums and bass and it sounds badass. Really heavy. I get to go back on Sunday and hear what Frankie's been doing. He's got a lot more to do than I do. I will report back here for those that are interested.

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