Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy

Oh, the wonderful world of Disney. Apparently Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy were made-for-tv Disney movies that I've never seen. I used to watch Disney all the time and never saw these movies. I first heard about these movies through a fellow bootleg trader back in maybe 2003. He said he made a killing selling DVDs of Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy on eBay. I was interested in what the big deal was so I went on eBay and did a search. People were selling Mr. Boogedy VHS tapes for $30+!! What the fuck?! This movie was never officially released so these people were buying/selling a movie that was taped off TV and with the commercials taken out. I couldn't believe my friend would be making very much $ off of this. I checked out his completed auctions and he was making a killing. I wanted in. Since he made a decent amount already, he let me in on it for a while. All I had to do was buy the DVD from him which had Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy on it. I said "Sure, why not?"

After a few days, I received a DVD-R in the mail with no labels. I popped it in and sure enough it was the Boogedy DVD. I immediately got on eBay and listed a few of these at the Buy It Now price of $35 for the 2 movies on 1 DVD. I let that sit for a while and after a few hours no one was biting. I just continued to wait. I think over the course of that night all 3 of them were sold. That was $105 and all I had to do was copy this DVD and send it to them. So of course I decide to go big and list 10 more. Over the next few days I sold all 10 of them. I was making a fortune and I hadn't even sent out any DVDs yet. My Paypal balance was climbing. I couldn't believe it.

After the 4th day, my Paypal balance was up to over $1700 but I noticed something. Nobody had bought a DVD all day. I log into my eBay account and I couldn't log in. My account was frozen. I had an email waiting for me saying I was selling illegal DVDs and that my account had been frozen. I immediately transferred all the $ into my bank account hoping that Paypal wouldn't take any of it. After a while of trying to get my eBay account reactivated I was informed that my account had been deleted and they didn't even have a record of me ever having an account. Somewhere, someone screwed up. I just sold $1700 worth of stuff on eBay and now all of a sudden there's no record of it. I got an email from one of the buyers saying their $ was refunded and they were asking me why. I checked my bank account and no $ had been taken out. I checked my Paypal and everything was still in tact. I had a $0 balance.

After a while, I started getting emails from other people saying they had gotten a refund for the DVD they purchased. I thought this was pretty strange since none of my $ was being taken. My only guess is that whoever completely deleted my account at eBay wasn't supposed to because without that, they didn't have all the information of who bought the DVDs and who was selling it. But I figure there would be Paypal records with my bank account info and all that and the people sending me $. Neither Paypal, nor eBay took $ out of my bank account or Paypal account. I don't know how these people got their refund or where it came from but it seems like everyone except for eBay made out in the long run. I'll never understand and I'll never question it.

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