Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy

Oh, the wonderful world of Disney. Apparently Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy were made-for-tv Disney movies that I've never seen. I used to watch Disney all the time and never saw these movies. I first heard about these movies through a fellow bootleg trader back in maybe 2003. He said he made a killing selling DVDs of Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy on eBay. I was interested in what the big deal was so I went on eBay and did a search. People were selling Mr. Boogedy VHS tapes for $30+!! What the fuck?! This movie was never officially released so these people were buying/selling a movie that was taped off TV and with the commercials taken out. I couldn't believe my friend would be making very much $ off of this. I checked out his completed auctions and he was making a killing. I wanted in. Since he made a decent amount already, he let me in on it for a while. All I had to do was buy the DVD from him which had Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy on it. I said "Sure, why not?"

After a few days, I received a DVD-R in the mail with no labels. I popped it in and sure enough it was the Boogedy DVD. I immediately got on eBay and listed a few of these at the Buy It Now price of $35 for the 2 movies on 1 DVD. I let that sit for a while and after a few hours no one was biting. I just continued to wait. I think over the course of that night all 3 of them were sold. That was $105 and all I had to do was copy this DVD and send it to them. So of course I decide to go big and list 10 more. Over the next few days I sold all 10 of them. I was making a fortune and I hadn't even sent out any DVDs yet. My Paypal balance was climbing. I couldn't believe it.

After the 4th day, my Paypal balance was up to over $1700 but I noticed something. Nobody had bought a DVD all day. I log into my eBay account and I couldn't log in. My account was frozen. I had an email waiting for me saying I was selling illegal DVDs and that my account had been frozen. I immediately transferred all the $ into my bank account hoping that Paypal wouldn't take any of it. After a while of trying to get my eBay account reactivated I was informed that my account had been deleted and they didn't even have a record of me ever having an account. Somewhere, someone screwed up. I just sold $1700 worth of stuff on eBay and now all of a sudden there's no record of it. I got an email from one of the buyers saying their $ was refunded and they were asking me why. I checked my bank account and no $ had been taken out. I checked my Paypal and everything was still in tact. I had a $0 balance.

After a while, I started getting emails from other people saying they had gotten a refund for the DVD they purchased. I thought this was pretty strange since none of my $ was being taken. My only guess is that whoever completely deleted my account at eBay wasn't supposed to because without that, they didn't have all the information of who bought the DVDs and who was selling it. But I figure there would be Paypal records with my bank account info and all that and the people sending me $. Neither Paypal, nor eBay took $ out of my bank account or Paypal account. I don't know how these people got their refund or where it came from but it seems like everyone except for eBay made out in the long run. I'll never understand and I'll never question it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Death Before Dishonor guitar tracks - Day 2

So I'm a little late reporting back on my 2nd day of guitars. This entry will probably be a little shorter and I didn't snap many pictures. Frankie and I went to Wendy's again before we went to Jim's. I got a decent meal for $5. Can't beat it. I was full. We head on over to Jim's and get right to work. I think I blew through 2 songs pretty quickly. Next up, I tried to pick a song that seemed pretty easy. Boy was I wrong. Any part where I start with just guitar has been a pain. I just gotta get the timing right. Frankie suggested that he play the part when he did his tracks and I could play the other one. I debated it for a split second but decided I wanted to get it right because I know later on down the road it would get to me that I couldn't play that one part.

We get through that song and blow through a few more. I think we had 8 songs done by 3:30pm. By this time, my fingers are starting to hurt from playing so much. My strings are starting to deaden. Now it was back to Wendy's to get lunch. Got the same meal for $5. 2 Double Stacks, 5-piece nugget and a small drink. Frankie got the same and I spot him on it. He's been picking me up and dropping me off so I owe him.

We get back to the studio and I get through the next song. There's one part in it that's annoying to play and I couldn't play it right. After a while, I managed to play it right once and I won't lie, we cut and pasted that shit anytime it comes back in the song, haha. Finally we got that song out of the way and we had one left. The cover. Jim actually recorded this song way back when and I got through it pretty quickly. Finally we were done and my guitars were done for the day. I was relieved. Like I said earlier, I am not a fan of recording. I am really happy with the way things came together and the way they're sounding. I'm anxious to get it out to people. It's different from the normal DBD that you're used to but it's still got that DBD flavor. I can't explain it. Right now it's only 1 guitar, drums and bass and it sounds badass. Really heavy. I get to go back on Sunday and hear what Frankie's been doing. He's got a lot more to do than I do. I will report back here for those that are interested.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Death Before Dishonor guitar tracks - Day 1

Sooo, I was supposed to start tracking my guitars for our new CD yesterday but we took a little extra time for the bass and it sounds pretty fuckin good so far. It's been a while since I've been in the studio and I must say, it is my least favorite part of being in a band. Don't get me wrong, I like to hear the final product and have new songs to play but just the whole process of it stresses me out. We practiced/rehearsed for a whole month and came up with 11 songs to record. Recording started on Feb 27th, I believe, with Memphis laying down the drums. They sound ridiculous. This was our first time writing/recording with Memphis since he's been in the band and I was pretty psyched on getting these songs recorded.

I wasn't present for any of the drum recording since there was really no use for me there. I stayed in the city and worked cus I knew I'd be taking time off to do guitars. Anyways, next up was the bass. We decided that Frankie would record the bass since he had a lot of ideas for different bass lines and it would just be easier in the long run as far as consistency. We had Rob pick up the bass from Broken Neck Guitar in Boston and bring it to the studio. Of course, something is wrong. The bass was set up for E tuning. We play in Drop B. Useless bass. Rob brings the bass back up to Boston and explains what happened. The guy fixes it and Rob heads back to the studio. What do you know, the bass is right except for the lowest string. It's still in E!! What the fuck?! So now a day of recording is lost and I had Frankie pick up my guitars a couple days beforehand. He goes home and checks them. My main guitar is fine but the backup is wrong too! So we have to bring that back and get it set up AGAIN. What a mess. Because of this, I had to switch my time off which was a pain in the ass. In the end, it worked out. The bass sounds killer. We used a JCM800 guitar head into a Marshall cab. It sounds great.

Today I woke up at 8:45am. Got on the train around 9 to head to Braintree where Frankie was picking me up. We stopped at Wendy's real quick before we went to the studio cus I was starving. We get to the studio and are delayed by a locksmith putting in a new lock. While that happens, we set up the cab and the mics. After a while the locksmith is done and we start trying out sounds. We started with the 6505 using the settings I use live. We tweaked it a little. Brought the gain back and brought back the lows. We tried to incorporate the Tubescreamer but it just wasn't happening. After a little bit we got a basic guitar sound and tried a song out. It was a little rusty at first but I started to get into the groove of things. After a little while longer we get a good sound that Frankie and I both like. But we wanted to try out the Mesa Dual Rectifier as well just to see. We plugged it in and turned it on and got a basic sound out of it. We recorded the same part with both heads and the 6505 prevailed. I start off with the song that Memphis wrote. It's so goddamn catchy. It's one of the longer ones on the new CD but really fun to play. After laying down the skeleton we went back and picked apart each piece of the song. I still haven't fell into the groove but I was gettin' there. After a while we finally got the song done and sounding awesome. After that we did 2 more songs. One of the shortest songs on the album was probably the most pain in the ass song to record. I was getting so frustrated. After a while I nailed it, 3 songs in about 2 hours wasn't bad. Now it was time for a lunch break. Back to Wendy's we go.

Once we got back Jim got the next song up and ready to go. This song has a lot of fast palm-muted picking so I knew it was going to be a bitch to get precise but it's one of my favorites. Again, I laid down the skeleton for the song and then we went back and nitpicked everything. The fast picking was hard but I got it eventually. The guitar sounds so heavy mixed with what we have so far. I'm really happy with how it's sounding so far. While we were doing this song, Bryan showed up. He was really into how everything was sounding. After a while, I finally got the song done and we called it a day. I was really hoping to get this one done and try to do another song but we were spent. Tomorrow will be longer since everything's all set up and ready to go. We played Bryan the other songs and it sounds awesome so far. 4 down, a lot more to go.

Tomorrow we start at 10am. Hopefully, I can get the rest of my tracks done. I'm really psyched on these songs and can't wait for it to actually be out. It's definitely more fast-paced than our last CD. A lot more just straight up and in your face. We also throw in some different flavor as well. I think it will turn a lot of heads into seeing what we're really about. Either way, I just want the damn thing out so we can get back on the road again. I'm going crazy having a job. That's all for now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mini update...

We went to Japan last month. We played 4 shows. One of them was a fest called "Pump Up the Volume". It was our first time in Japan and we were co-headlining this one show with Shai Hulud. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous and didn't know what to expect even though the first 2 shows were amazing. We had the best time and everybody there was just as psyched as we were for us to be there. We started our set and it was super fun and energetic from beginning to end.

This is a video of a part of that set in Kawasaki. I watch it a lot but my favorite part is at 2:50 of the video. This kid climbs up on stage and rocks the fuck out with me. He gave no fucks and air guitar'd and sang along with me. I loved it as you can see by my facial expression shortly after. If you can't have fun and get wild doing your own thing then what the fuck's the point? Cheers to that kid and everyone else that saw us in Japan.