Monday, June 9, 2008

"I heard you quit Have Heart and walked into the desert."

Well, that is somewhat true. It was Summer of 2005. We had just left Wilkes-Barre, PA from Posi #'s fest for our summer tour with Learn. We were in a 15-passenger van with 1 seat taken out and no trailer. There was very limited space for equipment/luggage so we only brought guitars and heads. There were also only 11 seats. There would be 12 of us for the first week of this tour.

We left PA and made our way to the next show in Chicago. We got there early and stayed at our roadie's friends house in the city. Later on we'd pick up our 12th passenger, Paul from Learn. We went to the venue and played a show to maybe 20 people. We figured it would be kinda shot because of Posi #'s just happening but that's ok. We started packing up the van at the end of the night and tensions were already high. There was a problem with the seating, obviously. I got pretty angry and had to walk away from that situation or something dumb would have happened. We worked it out and started on the rest of the tour.

12 people crammed in a van with only 11 seats and limited space for everything else isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. It was also summertime so that didn't help much either. After a few shows on our way to the west coast, we finally make it to Cali. Our first CA show was in Redlands with a bunch of bands who were making it out to Sink With Cali. Among those bands were friends Tarpit and Guns Up!. It was good to see GU and just shoot the shit with our friends. We played an awesome show and everything was starting to pan out. The first couple days of a tour are always pretty rocky.

Tensions between some members of the band we were on tour with and I were rising. I felt like some people were not very appreciative of the work that Pat and I put in to get that tour to happen. It was their first U.S. tour and it seemed like SOME members, not all, expected more. That was pretty annoying to me but I wasn't going to let it ruin my time. Fast forward to Sink with Cali.

We play an awesome set at SWC and we've got 1 more night in the L.A. area before we start making our way to Norcal. We stayed at our friend Tom's house right down the street from where SWC was being held. My friend Tera was also staying there and My Revenge stayed the night as well. We get up the next day and head to North Hollywood for our show at Studio S. This would be my last show with Have Heart.

We play the show at Studio S and everything was fine. We went out to Denny's afterwards with a bunch of friends from CA and had a blast. It seemed like all the tension that was building up was gone. I think our next show was in Santa Cruz so we said our goodbyes and started to make our way up there. It was pretty late and after a while of driving on Rte 5 we find out the highway is closed for some reason. We pull off the next exit in Palmdale.

Right off the exit there is a hotel. I can't remember the name of it but it was no Hilton. Whenever we'd get hotels, which wasn't very often, I would get my own room. Spending hours in a cramped van would make for much needed time apart whenever possible. We're all exhausted and very irritable at this point. So Pat is at the desk getting a room and I got out of the van and yelled over to him "Do they have any more rooms?". I forget exactly what he said back to me but it was something like "You don't have to have such an attitude and yell at me." At this point I was just thinking "Is he serious?". There was a long argument. I can't remember exactly what was said back and forth. I told him he misunderstood me and I wasn't having an attitude I was just asking a question but in the end I said something along the lines of "Fuck you, you're a faggot, I quit." He walked away and said "Good!".

I grabbed my bag and went up to my room and just sat on the bed going over what just happened. I'm in California, 3000 miles away from home in the middle of nowhere what the hell was I going to do? I didn't have a cell phone or a laptop but I had a piece of paper in my wallet with phone #'s written on it. I called a friend of mine who I knew would be up and asked if she'd help me with a plane ticket home. She was unable to help. I went back to my room and tried to watch TV. All that was on was some hardcore porn. Fast forward to the morning.

I check out of my room and I'm sitting in the hotel lobby trying to figure out what I should do. I wasn't getting back in that van unless Pat apologized to me and then I would do the same. Little did I know, he was saying the same thing about me while he was in the van. Our roadie Adam got out and tried to talk me into just getting back in the van and continuing on. I had enough. I had enough of the tour, the people on the tour, the van being uncomfortable, dealing with other people's attitudes on the tour, etc. I was done. Before this tour started, I thought about leaving Have Heart when we got home anyway. They were still in school at the time and were not on the road as much as I wanted to be. 2 tours a year wasn't enough. I just wasn't expecting to leave this early. So Adam is still trying to convince me to go. I'm not going. They give me one more chance and they leave. I wait about 5 minues before I start walking towards a payphone to try to call someone. I walk out of the hotel and go towards McDonalds. The van is sitting there and Adam is hanging out the window motioning for me to get in. I motioned to him "forget it" and turned around and walked the other way and kept walking.

I don't walk very far before I get to a grocery store with a payphone. I call my friend Martine who was just finishing up a straight drive back to California from New Jersey. She lives maybe an hour from where I am. She agrees to pick me up when she gets to the area and bring me back to civilization. 3 hours go by and all I have is a CD player and 3 CDs I picked up while on tour. The newest Internal Affairs, Donnybrook and some band from CT. I listened to them for the 3 hours it took her to get to me. She finally shows up and we go back to L.A.

We stop off at her house and then I'm told there's another show at Studio S that night with IA and a couple other bands. We went down there to hopefully find someone for me to stay with so I can get my shit sorted out to try to get back home. We pick up our friend Brooke and go to the show. We get there and the dude who HH had stayed with during SWC was there and so was Tera. I explained my situation and he said I could stay with them while I figured some shit out.

So we make it back to Redondo Beach and for the next week I just hung out around there and enjoyed the nice weather and relaxed. Tom had an extra room and said that I could live there and pay rent and he'd help me get a job. I didn't have any ties to Boston anymore so I said fuck it. Before I could do that though, I had to go home and figure some shit out first and save some $ and I could come back. I bought a plane ticket home after a week of hanging out and went home. Things didn't really pan out for me to go back out to California so I ended up staying in Boston.

I'm happy to say that the dudes in HH and I are still great friends. I've lived with them for over a year now and have filled in for them and even went on tour with them this past winter. I'm told that they waited in that McDonalds parking lot for over an hour for me to come back. I never told them this but there was a show booked in Albuquerque for that tour that got cancelled and I never told them. I got an email from the dude who booked it saying it was cancelled and I was a dick and never told them. They drove to an empty locked venue and called me to see if I had heard anything. I said I hadn't. Sorry guys! The end.


blezzie said...

that was the best hangout week, ever.
me, you, martine, LOA and the 101 will be united again. love you long time.

Anonymous said...

did you cum?

Anonymous said...

i soooooo didn't get enough credit for finding you a place to stay for a week.

& you didn't even mention your infamous "edge break" that i am also responsible for. lolz.

Anonymous said...

It seems like it was just yesterday. hahaa


Anonymous said...

"youuuu dick!"- spicoli (pat flynn)

Anonymous said...

"youuu dick!" - spicoli (pat flynn)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you were a jerk to a good band

Anonymous said...

"no longer had ties to boston"

fuck you benjamin

felicia <3

Thomas Haraden said...


I'm not sure said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the story. Keep 'em comin'.

Anonymous said...

I remember finding out that the 5 was closed and driving around for what seemed like an eternity trying to find a hotel that wasn't completely booked up with truckers and other travelers who had the same misfortune as us. I knew you weren't going to get back in the van before I even tried to convince you that things would get better but I couldn't just leave you in the middle of nowhere without at least trying. Driving the van away without you in it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I remember driving and just looking out into the desert and being like, "Man, what the fuck is he gonna do now...?" A part of me wishes you had continued on with us at least just to make fun of Magma for the rest of the tour but the way it went down leaves a better story. Plus, had you continued of you DEFINITELY would of ended up punching one of the "other" van mates.

Good times considering all the "beef".